Women’s History Month

Since 1987, March has been designated as Women’s History Month. Edgar’s Bath Goods recognizes the numerous impactful contributions that women have made, allowing many freedoms, opportunities, and advancements enjoyed by all people. In this article, we want to highlight a few contributions that directly affect how people live, work and interact with the world around them.

Lyda Newman – Hairbrush
Lyda was the first woman to patent a hairbrush with synthetic bristles. This enabled hair stylists to render more hygienic services through the ability to clean the brushes thoroughly between each use.

Mary Anderson – Windshield Wiper
Mary received her window cleaning device patent in 1903, which consisted of a lever inside the vehicle manually operated by the driver. What seemed like a necessary invention was rejected by manufacturers because it didn’t seem to be a popular product.

Anna Connelly – Fire Escape
The fire escape invented by Anna became a mandatory code-enforced installation on the buildings in New York. The invention was convenient for landlords because it did not require remodeling of the building to be installed.

Marion Donovan – Disposable Diaper
Marion first came up with a diaper cover that kept moisture from escaping the baby’s diaper onto furniture and bedding. This later morphed into a paper diaper that wicked the moisture away from the baby’s skin, lowering the chances of diaper rash.

Marjorie Joyner – Permanent Wave Machine
In 1928, Marjorie received a patent for a machine that would produce long-lasting curls, and a scalp protector that could be worn to make the curling process more comfortable.

The women listed here represent a fraction of the inventions and innovations that impact our lives today. But, positive contributions do not stop at inventions; women all over the world give their time, talents, and lives to build the society they live in. If you are a woman reading this article, we thank YOU for the things you’ve done to help others and make the world a better place to live. That’s why we want to celebrate you this month. Save 15% on your Edgar’s Bath Goods online order throughout the month of March using coupon code “WOMEN.” Go and purchase a bath bomb, some luxurious bath powder, or give your skin a treat with our shower gels and lotions!

Thanks to women everywhere for your amazing lives. This life would be nothing without you!