Take Time to Relax

When we think about relaxing, thoughts of swinging hammocks and floating pool rafts drift into our minds. Sitting or lying down are the first actions we want to take, but did you know that you can relax through movement? Consider the following activities that can ease stress and promote good health at the same time.

Yoga / Stretching

In an article on MedicalNewsToday.com, yoga was mentioned to help reduce stress and relieve anxiety, among other benefits. One study referenced by the article states yoga was better than walking to help improve mood and anxiety levels.


Mayoclinic.org published an article that emphasizes walking and other physical activities to reduce stress. A brisk walk helps focus your thoughts on your body’s movement instead of stressors that might fill the mind.


Let’s face it…. Dancing is FUN! Even if you can’t move as smoothly as Fred Astaire or Michael Jackson, moving to your favorite music is a great way to get the heart pumping and can encourage a joyful mood.

Once you have finished your favorite activity, top it all off by running a nice warm bath and dropping in one of our lovely bath bombs, made by adults with disabilities.

Taking time to relax is important, no matter how you go about it. At Edgar’s Bath Goods, we strive to bring our customers luxurious products to aid in relaxation and self-care. So, take time to move in your favorite way, reduce your stress levels, and present your best self to the world around you.