Take Care of Yourself

There’s no better way to end a long, stressful day than to soak in a relaxing tub of warm water, with one of Edgar’s Bath Goods’ wonderful bath bombs fizzing within it. But water doesn’t have to be the only element helping you wind down. Use these three simple add-ons to make your bath time a luxurious, stress-melting experience.

Create an ambiance

Surround yourself with the warm glow of candles which can encourage you to close your eyes and release the day’s tension. Choose soft music to accompany your lighting, and you have set the scene for a tranquil atmosphere.

Have a treat

Fill a bowl with easy, healthy finger foods such as strawberries, grapes, apple slices, and nuts, and enjoy them while in the water. A hot cup of tea or a refreshing fruit smoothie can also add to your me-time.

Catch up on some leisurely reading

Put away the sales reports, grab your favorite novel or self-help book and let it transport you to another place as you soak your troubles away, if only for that moment.

Don’t stop with these suggestions… let your creativity free and bring some of your favorite things into your relaxing bath encounter. And, of course, let one of our six Bath Bomb scents be the foundation of a well-earned moment of pampering and rest. Try Bluebonnet, Edgar’s Signature Scent, Fig Mint, Lavender Fields, Prairie Sunset, or Yellow Rose of Texas.

Enjoy life and take care of yourself!

Try BluebonnetEdgar’s SignatureFig MintLavender FieldsPrairie Sunset and Yellow Rose of Texas. Enjoy life and take care of yourself!