Summer Break…Not Just For Kids!

Summer is officially here, and school has ended for the season. Kids across the nation are enjoying lazy days and looking forward to having fun. While the kids enjoy their break, don’t be left out! You can find ways to let your hair down, break away from the every day, and enjoy yourself. Each person is different in what they find enjoyable, so put some thought into what you like to do. If you need some ideas to get your imagination going, take a look at these…

Have some fun.
Find a fun activity that takes place in an air-conditioned building. Some choices include bowling, roller skating, ice skating and browsing through a mall. The simple act of leaving your living space and changing your environment can help you feel more at ease.

Find some water.
Water is known to provide calming and therapeutic effects. Sokya Health, a mental healthcare facility, promotes being near water in some way, shape, or form, even if it means using a water feature in your home or office. The professionals at Sokya state that water creates a sense of awe, provides a soothing experience, encourages mindfulness and self-reflection, and enhances physical activity. You can read the article here.

Make Time for Relaxing.
Of course, we at Edgar’s Bath Goods will always promote the relaxing sensation of a nice warm bath. Even in the middle of Summer, you can run a lukewarm bath, drop in a luxurious bath bomb, pull out your favorite book and whisk yourself away to another land, if for a few moments. We have eight different scents that will help transport you to that place of zen.

Whether you take our suggestions or find your own sense of happiness, you deserve a break today. Engage in something that makes you smile. Go to a place where you can feel at peace. Find that thing that helps you relax and enjoy the moment. As always, we want you to take care of yourself!