Stay Hydrated!

Summer is here… and in full force! As temperatures rise all over the United States, we need to make sure we are taking in the necessary amount of water to remain healthy and safe in the heat.

Water is an essential part of life. It is recommended by the Institute of Medicine that the females take in 9 cups of water a day; 13 cups of water for males. Caffeinated drinks cause you to lose water, so it is recommended that those who consume these types of drinks consume even more water. Learn more by clicking here! Doing so can help your body keep a normal temperature instead of overheating and becoming dehydrated, which can be life threatening. Consult with your physician as to how much water you should consume for your exact physical needs.

Taking in water is extremely important, but so is hydrating the skin. During summer months use warm instead of extremely hot water when taking a shower or bath. And, don’t forget to add a wonderful Edgar’s Bath Goods bath bomb to that nice warm bath water to make it a luxurious, soothing time of relaxation. Our new summer scents, Dewberry and Country Rose will leave you feeling refreshed. Order your favorite scents today!