Speak Words of Love

Words are used in human language to communicate with others but are often overlooked as having an impact on the receiver, whether the receiver is another person or yourself. Words have the power to encourage and inspire. Words can both liberate and imprison. Words can cut. Words can heal. Words can build self-esteem or tear down a person’s very soul.

With this in mind, we want you to take time out to speak words of life to yourself. So how do we get the ball rolling and start speaking to ourselves in a positive way?

Speak Your Future Truth

Use words to convey where you want to go instead of where you currently are. In lieu of saying “I’m so out of shape,” you can say “I’m looking forward to feeling stronger and more energetic!” Be excited about the changes coming soon instead of the problem at hand.

Create an Affirmation

Negative thoughts come up in everyone’s mind from time to time, especially when it comes to yourself. Affirmations can be an arsenal used to directly combat those thoughts. Psychology Today published an article stating the benefits of affirmations and how you can make them more effective (5 Steps to Make Affirmations Work for You). Check it out and write your own personal affirmation.

Look for Someone to Talk To

Never face negative issues alone if help is needed. Please seek professional counseling from a licensed counselor, therapist or psychologist. Allowing someone with expertise to guide you through negative thoughts and situations is one of the best ways to engage in self-care.

Create a Positive Environment to Speak Positive Words

Here’s an idea! Make time to speak positive words to yourself every night by soaking in a wonderful bath with the scent of our Bluebonnet or Edgar’s Signature Bath Bomb filling the air. Close your eyes, quote your new affirmation, and experience positive energy. Make sure you check out our products here.

We at Edgar’s Bath Goods want you to experience the best life possible and fully engage in self-care. The articles we present are all about you and how you can employ various ways to take care of yourself.