New Year’s Resolutions

As we face a new year, many people look to resolutions in hopes of creating a fresh start for their lives. If you are one of those people, here are some points to consider as you reflect on your life and what you want to accomplish in the days ahead.

  1. Know your purpose

If you’re wandering through life with little direction, you’re not alone. Many people hope to find happiness, health and prosperity, but don’t know where to start. Your life purpose or mission statement can be your own unique compass, leading you to your truth north. Develop a personal life purpose to assist with reaching your goals for 2023.

  1. Know your values

What do you value most? This is a question that is worth asking yourself as you set your goals for the new year. What are the things that are most important to you? Make a list of your top five values. Some examples are security, freedom, family, spiritual development and learning. Try to be specific when doing this exercise.

  1. Know your needs

There’s nothing worse than living a life that isn’t authentic. You go through the motions day in and day out, but you never really feel alive. Why is that? It could be because you have unmet needs. Maybe you need to be acknowledged, to be in control, to be loved. There are people who have achieved success but are not happy because their true need wasn’t met. List your top five needs and work to fulfil them.

  1. Know your passions

Doubt and lack of enthusiasm can hinder you from expressing who you are and what you enjoy in life. Push past those obstacles and find what truly motivates you and gets your energy flowing. Express the person you want to be.

  1. Live from the inside out

Busy people find it hard to find peace and quiet, even in their own home. Find a quiet space to increase your awareness of your inner wisdom. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Go outside and become one with nature. Play soft music and slip into a warm bath with your favorite Edgar’s Bath Bomb scent.

We at Edgar’s Bath Goods want to encourage you to pursue your heart’s desires in 2023. Keeping these five points in mind can help motivate you to keep going. Along the way, don’t forget to relax and unwind, using our wonderful bath products.


Happy New Year!