National Ice Cream Month

Oh yeah! July is National Ice Cream Month! Allow us to take you on a mental excursion for a moment. Close your eyes and picture yourself in a grassy park, accompanied by your loved ones and your furry family friend. You are all standing in front of a friendly ice cream vendor. He smiles as he hands you a cool, creamy scoop of your favorite flavor sitting atop a crispy, crunchy cone. See how it glistens in the sun as the heat transforms it’s shape… it’s calling you to rescue the drips from falling to the hot ground below you. You take a bite and revel in its icy goodness. Mmmm….. that’s good!

We advocate healthy eating here at Edgar’s Bath Goods, but indulging in a small portion of a sweet treat every now and then is not harmful when you couple it with a diet full of colorful vegetables, lean meats, and generous water intake.

I feel that you are saying, “What does this have to do with bath products?” Well, in honor of National Ice Cream Month, we want to highlight one of our scents that is reminiscent of a yummy ice cream cone. That scent is called Dewberry.

Fun fact: a dewberry is a wild berry indigenous to the Texas region. They are usually mistaken for blackberries due to their shape, and they are edible. There are even some farms that will allow you to pick the ones that have grown on their land.

We created Dewberry because we wanted to add a fun, fruity scent to our collection. As we shopped around for various scents, we found some of the most decadent selections and blended them together to create a refreshing berry-scented bath bomb. The scent includes strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry scents, paired with hearty bay leaf and topped with the trace presence of floral notes. Our staff even joke about how delicious they smell during production!

As you look for ways to beat the heat this month, draw a cool bathtub of water and drop in a Dewberry bath bomb. Maybe grab a small bowl of ice cream as well. Whatever you do, take time to relax, and make the most of this summer season. Here’s to your health!