May is National Women’s Health Month

May is a month filled with renewal, blooming flowers, improving weather, and a focus on women. Edgar’s Bath Goods wants you to be aware that May is also National Women’s Health Month. We are far from being medical experts, but we are passionate advocates of self-care. Self-care not only involves times of rest and relaxation, but also an investment in one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Ladies, let’s invest by focusing on these all-important areas of health.

Physical Health
Routine checkups and exams, medication reviews, and working closely with our health care provider are fundamental for maintaining optimal health. Adding to the list are eating healthy and exercising, which are no-brainers but easier said than done. I know its challenging, but keep working at it! To make it a little more attainable, make small changes. Park a little further from the store door. Get up and dance to one of your favorite songs (that’s at least 5 minutes). Choose a salad instead of fries when you order your burger. Every little change helps.

Mental Health and Emotional Health
Seeking therapy is a valuable step towards enhancing mental and emotional resilience. Find someone to talk to, even when you don’t feel like something is wrong. When you can’t access a professional, find a friend, but be mindful that friends can’t help some situations, and you will need a licensed professional to help you through challenges. Additionally, nurturing your brain through mental exercises is important. There’s a saying that goes “There’s an app for that!,” and there are several apps you can install right on your phone that get your brain moving, such as Lumosity and Impulse. Whatever you use, take care of your brain and your mental and emotional self.

“Me” Time
You know what’s coming next… we’re going to talk about taking time out for yourself. As workers, moms, sisters, daughters, managers and CEO’s (and all the other titles you wear), we must stop for a moment, take a deep breath and relax. If you have a tub where you live, use it to create a space for yourself. Take one of our rejuvenating Bath Bombs, place it in water drawn in your desired temperature, and soak away some of the daily obligations you face. Doing so can potentially help you live longer and enhance your effectiveness when engaging in those daily roles.

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Here’s to your health!