Hello Spring!

The saying goes “April showers bring May flowers,” and we love springtime here at Edgar’s Bath Goods!

May is a time when flowers are in full bloom with beautiful colors, filling the air with their wonderous aromas. Edgar’s Bath Goods uses inspiration from flowers to create complex scent profiles for our bath bombs, shower gels, lotions, and candles. We want to share with you our best floral scents.

Bluebonnet is a wildflower that Texas has adopted as its state flower. Some say bluebonnets have a scent, and some say they do not. We decided not to emulate the scent, but instead adopted the beauty of the Bluebonnet through the use of creamy floral aromas. Neroli, honeysuckle, and Jasmine are fused together and coupled with zingy citrus notes, creating a beautiful blend.

Country Rose
Rose is a timeless fragrance that has been used for centuries. We wanted to capture the beauty and elegance of the rose but bring something fresh to the blend. We decided to use green notes and citrus properties for freshness, then added sandalwood to give the Country Rose scent body and longevity.

Lavender Fields
Lavender is one of those scents that has medicinal properties, so when we created our Lavender Fields bath products, we kept this scent pure. We want you to take in all the benefits of this essential oil when you use it during your time of self-care.

Yellow Rose
We take a different path with our Yellow Rose scent profile by using sharp notes of ginger to add an edge to the scent, then blend it with a touch of lavender. Then, we ground the scent with vanilla and sandalwood to make the compilation complete.

As you enjoy the spring season, take time to take care of yourself, unwind, and relax with a warm bath enhanced with one of our bath bombs. We invite you to try one… or three… or all of our luxurious scents. Happy Spring!