Choose Wisdom

April 1st is considered April Fool’s Day in North America. Usually this day is characterized by pranks, jokes, and attempts to trick someone… all in fun, of course. This tradition of sorts has been said to have originated in Roman times, with celebrations such as picnicking outdoors and dressing in costume, and has morphed into pranks such as the classic plastic wrap across a doorway or replacing the cream of an Oreo with toothpaste. All in all, the term ‘fool’ has been considered as negative through the years. It refers to a person not having much sense, or not to be taken seriously. Yet, in the midst of the antics of April Fool’s Day, we want to present the opposite of what is considered being a ‘fool’. Let’s choose to be wise instead.

Wisdom is defined by Google as “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise”, and “the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment.” When it comes to taking care of yourself, other people, and the world around you, wisdom is necessary to maintain well-being.

Here we present a few ways to make wise choices to improve the lives of all.

Uphold Integrity
Integrity is the foundation of wisdom. Unlike lies, which have to be carefully tracked and remembered, the truth never needs to be figured out. It just exists. Constantly aligning your words and actions with integrity fosters stability and cultivates trust in relationships. In a world riddled by uncertainty, integrity builds a solid foundation.

Let Go of the Past
It happened. It hurt. It changed your life. We understand. Acknowledging the pains of the past is important, but allowing them to tie us to a perpetual cycle of pain is dangerous. When you hold on to past offenses, it only serves to keep the wound open. Find the help you need to be able to overcome past hurt and step into a new future.

Make time for yourself
We at Edgar’s Bath Goods will always be proponents of self-care and maintenance of well-being. Self-care isn’t a luxury… it’s a necessity. If your life is filled with appointment after appointment, obligations and glaring issues that just don’t stop, then it is your obligation to make sure you take a moment for yourself. Even if its not but 30 minutes… you need to take a moment to breathe. The world will not crumble within that time frame. Sit back. Relax. Turn off the phone. Breathe.

In essence, as we move about in our everyday lives, let us choose wisdom over foolishness. By upholding integrity, letting go of the past, and committing to self-care, we embark on a journey towards a more fulfilling life. One way to create that moment of me-time is by taking a luxurious bath using one of our bath bombs, in eight different scents. Purchase one and choose wisdom!